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Le Terre Microcements

Le Terre is a bi-component micro-cement for professional use excellent for the creation of continuous surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings of high technical and artistic quality.
Terre can also be used in external areas if properly treated with specific finishing products.
The Terre colour range (yellow, red or brown) derives from the addition of different types of clay brick granulate, all obtained by the grinding of selected clay bricks all produced by Fornaci Briziarelli Marsciano.
The colours obtained are stable, hardy and long lasting.


Tinted rasanti

Tinted levelling compounds are ideal when used for the reconstruction and especially the restoration of buildings typical of historical town centres.
They possess and excellent workability, and thanks to added additives, also provide a high degree of adhesion to the support. The mortars are available in yellow, red and brown colours


Tinted mortars

FBM LAB mortars have been thought, planned and designed for all types of exposed masonry. Different and varied artistic results can be obtained thanks to the vast range of colours, from grey to red, to brown.