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Le Terre is a bi-composit microcement for professional use to be employed for the creation of levelled surfaces of high technical and artistic quality.
With Le Terre it is possible to produce floors, walls and ceilings with unique personalised patterns in a relatively short time. Le Terre can also be used externally with the added use of specific finishing products. The microcement Le Terre is made of a unique mix of selected granulated brick and comes in various specific degrees of granulation depending on the effects required.

The range of colours of Le Terre comprises: Testa Di Moro (Moor’s Head), Rosso Mattone (Red Brick) and Giallo (Yellow), all obtained by the accurate selection and mixing of granulate from the bricks produced by Fornaci Briziarelli Marsciano.

The colours obtained are stable, resistent and long lasting and they are very different from the regular microcement currently on the market.

The composit grout Le Terre is an all natural product.

Alongside these three shades FBM Lab has also developed four white based versions in various degrees of granulation which can be tinted with our PENTACOLOR natural oxides.

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Le Terre 9F

This is a fibre-reinforced version and it is used as a base with max granulation of 0.9 mm. The product is used as a levelling compound for extremely uneven surfaces. The fibre in it replaces the use of the mesh avoiding the formation of microcracks.

Le Terre 5F

This is a finer version of the 9F. It has a max granulation of 0.5mm and can be used as levelling compound to level off uneven surfaces as well as a finishing product that mirrors natural elements. The 5F is the undercoat normally used for Le Terre.

Microcement Le Terre White

Bianco - White

Microcement Le Terre Moor's Head

Testa di Moro - Moor's Head

Microcement Le Terre Red brick

Rosso Mattone - Red Brick

Microcement Le Terre Yellow

Giallo - Yellow

Le Terre – Prep and Application

The mix is prepared on site adding to Le Terre a specific amount of resin (Pentaresin PAV11) between 29% and 33% depending on the consistency needed and by mixing it with a mixing drill untill a consistency that is smooth and withouth lumps is obtained (apprx 2 mins). More than one layer of Le terre can be applied to any surface if needed. The standard shades are brick red, yellow, Moor’s head and White but different colours can be obtained by adding regular colouring or natural oxides (our Pentacolor range is made with natural oxides and it is of high quality). For floor surfaces and wall covering this product must be laid using a stainless steel or plastic trowel making sure that each layer is spread evenly. It is recommended to apply the Fibre reinforced version Le Terre 5f as a first layer to avoid cracks especially when working in hot temperatures. Each layer can be dry sanded manually or with appropriate sanding machines at each application or at the end depending on the effect desired. Once the last layer of Le Terre has completely dried it is necessary to treat the top surface with Pentaresin NM11 in order to maximise wear resistency and to obtain a matt or gloss effect. For horizontal or vertical applications Pentaresin PU 14 or 16, a waterbased poliuretane, can also be used to obtain a silk feel effect.

Finish Brown

Finish Moor's Head

Finish Red Brick

Finish Red Brick

Finish Yellow

Finish Yellow

Rusty Effect - Mix

Rusty Effect - Mix

Additives for microcements

It is an acrilic resin at aqueous dispersion highly stable in alkaline medium and of fine granulometry allowing for a deep and even penetration even in the smallest gaps. Its particular formulation enables a fast polimerisation even at low temperatures.

It is an acrilic resin at aqueous dispersion composed by various synthetic copolymeri highly stable in slightly alkaline medium specifically modified for the preparation of cement mix of a high artistic and technical content. Pentaresin PAV 11 has been created especially for the malts and cements Le Terre.

It is a bicomposit metilmetacrylic resin to be used as a protective and waterproof top coat in any support without it altering the aesthetic of it. It is clorine resistent and comes in matt or gloss finish.

These are respectively an acrylic-poliuretane resins perfect for the protection of surfaces and a a cross linking agent for any polyuretane resins at aqueous dispersion. Both are product for industrial and professional use and come in a matt finish.

Technical Information

ColorRed, Yellow, Brown Moor's headView
Max Granulometry Ø0,3 mmIST. 10.09
Mortar / Resin Ratio100:30 
Min Thickness0,3mm 
Mixture Duration at 20 ± 2°C40 - 60 m 
Min waiting time between applications at 20 ± 2°C18h 
Suggested temperature for applicationda +10°C a +35°C 
Mortar consumption at minimum thickness1,1 Kg/m2 
Covered surface per packc.a. 13 m2 
Walkability Time72h 
Time for max hardening28 gg 
Flexural resistance19,7 MPaUNI EN 1015-11
Compressive resistance33,8 MPaUNI EN 1015-11